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What’s So Great About TenPoint Crossbows? [PICS]

Are the products coming from TenPoint Crossbow Technologies all they're cracked up to be?

In the ever expanding horizontal bow world, the name TenPoint Crossbow Technologies is everywhere. With more and more states legalizing crossbows for hunting (in fact, only one state doesn't allow them to be used for hunting at all) in some way, it seems as if they are are here to stay.

With all the options available, however, why are TenPoint Crossbows so popular? Are they worthy of all the hype? The market has never been more full of crossbows of all shapes, sizes, designs, and price points. Here are six reasons why TenPoint crossbows stand out from the pack.

They perform great

Above all, hunters and archers want to know that their equipment works. A flashy paint job and impressive numbers are great, but when it's go time on the range or in the field you need equipment that you can rely on to get the job done.

TenPoint Crossbows has an entire product line full of bows that deliver. In fact, many of their bows outperform, in both speed and kinetic energy, just about every modern compound bow available (as well as their competitions products). Whether you get their top of the line package or a crossbow that's more budget friendly, you can be sure that your equipment has the goods to do everything you could ever ask it to do.

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Image via Ladies in Camo 

They're widely available

Crossbows are like other bows (and guns as well) in that when you can, you should try them out before plopping down a wad of cash on one. Different shooters prefer different things, and a bow that meets the needs of someone online may not necessarily meet yours.

TenPoint crossbows, thankfully, are available widely enough that you won't have to drive that far to find one. This keeps you from being in the awkward position of having to spend your hard earned money based strictly on what the Internet says.

The next time you're in your favorite outdoors store or archery pro shop, look at their crossbow selection; odds are there's a TenPoint on the rack.

Their product line has something for everyone

Crossbow users vary just as much as the bows they shoot, and TenPoint has a crossbow in their lineup for just about everyone. For the money-is-no-object, performance-is-ultimate buyer, there's the Carbon Extra CLS: this 7.3lb beauty can deliver a 370-grain bolt at a screaming 364 f.p.s. It's performance (and good looks) come at a price, however, at at the other end of the line is the GT Flex. This recurve crossbow can deliver the same 370-grain bolt at a still impressive 300 fps for a third of the price.

For the even more budget conscious archer, TenPoint also offers their Wicked Ridge line of crossbows. Made with much of the same patented TenPoint technology, these crossbows offer most of the traditional TenPoint performance at a fraction of the cost.

Image via
Image via Ten Point Crossbow Technologies 

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They're innovative

image via
image via Ten Point Crossbow Technologies 

TenPoint Crossbow Technologies has been in business for 20 years, and in that time has continued to reinvent crossbow technology. From their dry-fire prevention device to the ACUrope, TenPoint has secured 33 patents in the last two decades, with 19 more currently in the works.

If you're looking for the leader in crossbow technology, look no further.

They provide great resources for crossbow hunters

TenPoint is committed not just to make great crossbows, but also to developing great crossbow shooters. Their website, for example, is a treasure trove of useful information including instructional videos, step by step info for crossbow newbies, and info on crossbow regulations for all 50 states 9and even Canada!).

They look great

While not as important as performance, aesthetics certainly plays a part in the equipment we choose,. Simply put, not one wants ugly stuff. Not only do TenPoint crossbows lead the industry in performance and technology, they look great as well!

From the collector-grade laminate wood stock on the Carbon Extra CLS to the finish quality on every product, a TenPoint crossbow is sure to look as good as it performs.

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Image courtesy of Midway USA  

In the crossbow world, TenPoint bows are consistently standing out from the crowd. We think they're worth it.

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What’s So Great About TenPoint Crossbows? [PICS]