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What’s a Slide Spider, and Why Do I Need One?

ArachniGRIP’s Slide Spider makes racking a handgun easier, smoother, and all around safer.

The Slide Spider is the likeliest gun accessory to fit into the category of things you need, but might not have known it.

At its core, the Slide Spider is a smart idea to help new and practiced shooters affected by weakened hand or grip strength in operating the slide of their semi-automatic pistol. The shooter is able to gain increased control through a safe and secure hold, and also receives tactical advantages under tough conditions, like wet weather or extreme heat.


Created by ArachniGRIP, a Colorado-based company founded by two gun enthusiasts, the Slide Spider is available for a multitude of semi-auto pistols. If you own a popular brand and well-owned gun, odds are there’s a Slide Spider to fit it. Each version is custom cut to fit smoothly and exactly into the grooves of any rack. And at $19.99 for a set of two, they’re a decent investment when you consider the advantages


Besides looking pretty cool as far as gun accessories go, the Slide Spider has real, tangible benefits. The use of a Slide Spider has been lauded by not only experienced shooters, but also law enforcement officials. Of course, new shooters also claim a Slide Spider helps with the learning curve, and assists in a regular, repetitive motion that needs time to develop to perfection.

Above all else, a Slide Spider can improve the safety factor when using a semi-suto firearm, and that’s the big point to get across. Safety, and the confidence in a gun that comes with it, should be of utmost importance, and a Slide Spider will help gun owners achieve it.

You can find out more from ArchniGRIP’s website, or call them directly at 303-506-7747.

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What’s a Slide Spider, and Why Do I Need One?