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What's the Hunting Pressure in Your State? Hunter Density Across the Country [PICS]

All statistics and images are via: QDMA 

QDMA conducted a study researching hunter density. The results may surprise you.

There are many ways to develop a deer management strategy, but hunting pressure is often an overlooked component. Not anymore- learn the density in your home hunting state according to QDMA.

Hunting pressure typically refers to the number of hunters on the landscape and it can also refer to the overall coverage of hunters in an area.

Measuring hunting pressure can be difficult to measure state to state because some deer seasons last much longer and there are various rules and regulations for different states.

deer hunter density

The study found that Pennsylvania had the highest hunter density with over 20 hunters per square mile. In comparison, popular whitetail hunting states like Michigan, Iowa, and Texas only have 6.7, 4.5, and 4.4 hunters per square mile. Pennsylvania hunters PSM is higher than all of those states combined.

Hunter densities across the West Coast are much lower than the national average. On average, there are only 1.2 hunters for every square mile. These statistics explain why some West Coast hunters will hunt days in the backcountry before seeing another hunter.

Surprisingly the Midwest is the next lowest density at 6.1 hunters PSM. Densities range 1.2 in North Dakota to 13.7 hunters PSM in Wisconsin.

deer hunter density 2

The South is very similar to the Midwest. The average density across the South is 6.2 hunters PSM. Alabama and Mississippi have the highest densities with 10.2 and 10.4 hunters PSM. However, Texas has the highest number of hunters, but the large size of the state drives down the density level.

How does your state stack up compared to the rest of the nation?

All statistics and images are via: QDMA 

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What's the Hunting Pressure in Your State? Hunter Density Across the Country [PICS]