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What’s So Great About the Sig Sauer P290?

sig sauer p290 review

Is the Sig Sauer P290 really that great?

This quaint little pocket pistol is the Sig Sauer P290 and can pack a punch! Don’t underestimate this pistol due to its small size. The Sig Sauer P290 is the ideal concealed carry handgun. While Sig Sauer promotes this gun as a subcompact, many say it should be classified as a compact.

The gun’s frame is made of a polymer-molded shell. The regular magazine holds six shots plus one in the hole. When inserted into the gun, it lays flush with the pistol. It only weighs 1 pound and 4.5 ounces. They have also made available an eight-round mag which can ease the recoil a bit for people with larger hands.

Flickr/Billib USA

The P290’s grip texture and ergonomics is smooth, comfortable, and provides a really nice grip. The grips are interchangeable and come in a variety of colors so you can customize your gun. You can make the bottom of the frame longer by using a larger magazine size.

Sig Sauer has stated that they are going to produce wood and aluminum polymer plate replacements for those who would like them. They are trying to produce them as quickly as possible to allow for even more customization.

The Sig Sauer P290 is designed for dry-firing as well. This allows for easy practicing without wasting ammo as you learn how to maneuver it. The trigger is smooth and has minimal recoil for a pocket pistol. The dry-firing is a great way to learn your way around this gun.

If you like to use a laser, the Sig Sauer P290 comes with a very bright one. There is a conveniet place to attach a laser mount for precise aiming, but it can be difficult to remove once you’ve attached it.

Flickr/Billib USA

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Reviewers seem to have mixed emotions about the ease of disassembly with this portable pistol. For the most part, many found it as easy as any other subcompact handgun. The dual-spring recoil can make disassembly a bit tricky. Watch out for five parts when you take it apart: slide, barrel, recoil spring, slide stop, and magazine.

Sig uses stainless and noncorrosive parts to prevent erosion. This makes cleaning very easy because all you have to do is remove dust, dirt, and powder residue.

Overall, the Sig Sauer P290 is a really nicely design and the fit and finish is perfect. We think you should give this pocket pistol a shot. It may become your everyday carry gun.

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What’s So Great About the Sig Sauer P290?