What's So Controversial About This AR-Toting Santa? [VIDEO]

An AR-toting Santa makes for either smart advertising, or a really distasteful sign.

As reported by The Blaze, an advertisement of Santa Claus holding an AR15-style rifle is causing controversy.

Down Range Indoor Training Center in Chico, California is using the billboard to catch the eye of passing motorists.

Why not take Santa Claus, the man of the season, and show him holding what many wrongfully consider an illegal and highly-dangerous rifle? Here's a local news story with more:

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While the intent was a light-hearted advertisement during the holiday season, some residents are claiming that they would not want their kids to see Santa like that.

"I just don't think I would like my son to see Santa holding a gun and having to explain to him that's usually not what's Santa's's presents," said one respondent.

The sign won't last forever but the shop plans for an equally interesting advertisement for Easter, featuring the Easter bunny. Also, Cupid may make an appearance in future advertising.

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