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What’s the Choicest Cut of TaunTaun? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s one for all you Star Wars fans.

One of the memorable scenes from the Empire Strikes Back  is when Han Solo stuffs his hypothermic friend Luke Skywalker inside the stomach of a kangaroo/yak-like creature. In case you weren’t a Star Wars nerd like I was when I was a kid, that animal was called a TaunTaun, and the infographic below is the TaunTaun meat chart.


If, while watching the film, you thought “I wonder what the best part of meat is on that thing…”this chart will point you to the choicest cuts.

Kudos to the folks at Super7 for creating this intergalactic meat chart.

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What’s the Choicest Cut of TaunTaun? [INFOGRAPHIC]