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What’s the Best Way to Plant Trees You Ask? With a Drone! [VIDEO]

Plant trees at a rate of 1 billion per year with the finalist of the UAE drones.

Lauren Fletcher of Bio Carbon Engineering is planning on using drones to automate reforestation at a rate never before seen.

The only option that we’ve had previously has been hand planting, which is slow and really expensive and just can’t keep up with industrial scale deforestation.

In an age when drones are being used for military purposes, spying on us, and wreaking havoc in general, this idea is sorely needed to show us that this technology can be used to benefit mankind.

The idea is to plant trees on a large scale using drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) at a much lower cost than traditional planting. The UAVs would launch a pre-germinated seed-pod containing a ready-to-go tree into the ground using pressurized air.

Although traditional methods to plant trees by trained forestry personnel are generally quite successful, a drone could reach places not easily accessible by humans. While we wait for this method of planting to be adopted, we can look for more environmentally friendly ideas of preserving nature.

Okay, what do you think, could a drone be used to help plant that food plot farther out in the woods?


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What’s the Best Way to Plant Trees You Ask? With a Drone! [VIDEO]