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What’s Below Your Feet? Partial Mammoth Skeleton Found in Michigan [VIDEO]

University of Michigan/Detroit Free Press

University of Michigan researchers confirm and excavate one of the more complete sets of mammoth bones ever found in the state.

Two farmers in Michigan were working to drain water from the fields when they ran into something massive and peculiar about eight feet into their dig.

When they realized it was bone, they contacted the University of Michigan to report a possible skeleton in the farm field. The video below details exactly what these two farmers found.

Due to the tight farming schedule, the team from the University of Michigan only had one day to dig on the land.

The skull, jaw, tusk, many vertebrae, many ribs, some of the pelvis, part of both shoulder blades, and one kneecap were found. Of the 30 reported woolly mammoth skeletons found in Michigan, this is one of five more complete ones.

It’s unclear whether this particular mammoth was a woolly kind, but this knowledge could shed some light on when humans first arrived in the Americas.

This kind of finding is always fascinating for researchers, hunters, farmers, and citizens alike. You never know what’s lurking in your land until you dig.

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What’s Below Your Feet? Partial Mammoth Skeleton Found in Michigan [VIDEO]