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What’s Behind the Tech That Makes Slash Arrows So Effective?

What makes Slash Arrows such a good bowhunting choice?

Sometimes a new-fangled idea in the hunting world has hi-tech hype, but just ends up being overkill and unnecessary.

That’s not the case with Slash Arrows and their innovative INsetBlade system,

Don’t just take our word for it, take the word of these seasoned hunters.

It’s all about the kinetic energy and the exit wound developed by the Slash INsetBlade, a unique and original way of achieving almost certain kill shots.

It sounds involved, but it really makes perfect sense.  The arrows feature two on-board, in-arrow INsetBlade Deployable Blades for a double dose of devastation.

The arrows feature 60 grain, 7/8″ cutting diameter broadheads at the tip. That enters first, cutting a leading path of destruction. A few inches behind, once the arrow shaft enters, the expandable INsetBlade Deployable Blades deploy. The INsetBlade Deployable Blades have unique alignment so that new tissue is being cut. The total amount of tissue cut is far greater than any other broadhead and arrow system.

Find out more from Slash and see if the INsetBlade Arrows should find their way to your quiver.


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What’s Behind the Tech That Makes Slash Arrows So Effective?