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Whatever You Do, Never Poke a Leopard with a Stick [VIDEO]

Most wildlife releases go pretty smoothly, unless you poke the leopard you’re releasing with a stick.

Most of the time the release of an animal back into the wild is an uplifting moment.

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, and the animal you are releasing doesn’t want to leave the cage. This guy figured out the hard way how not to get an animal like a leopard out of a cage.

Rangers in Africa are trying to release this leopard back into the wild. He doesn’t seem to want to leave the cage he is in, so they do the only logical thing…poke it with a stick.

Let’s just say this wasn’t the wisest decision, as you will see below.

I can’t believe how fast that leopard went from being inside that cage to being almost inside that truck. That ranger must have really upset him with all that poking.

I am just glad the ranger got away mostly unharmed and I hope he learned a very valuable lesson about predators and sticks for the next release he does.

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Whatever You Do, Never Poke a Leopard with a Stick [VIDEO]