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Do Whatever You Need to Land a Monster Bass

bass fishing, fishing pole
YouTube/Billy Glenn

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. Watch this kayak angler do all he can to help land this monster bass.

If you’re a bass angler, then you know the excitement that pumps through your veins when you have a monster bass hit the other end of your line. Every single move from that point on is critical and ultimately will determine whether you’re able to land that fish or not.

Unfortunately, luck didn’t appear to be on this angler’s side from the start.

Good save Billy, you definitely deserve that monster bass!

There’s no doubt that kayak anglers don’t have it easy when they’re attempting to land a big fish. Paddles can get in the way, the boat can start drifting and not everything is at an arms length away.

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Do Whatever You Need to Land a Monster Bass