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Top 3 Anti-Hunting Arguments and How to Counter Them

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Anti-hunters are usually uninformed, but if they’re willing to listen, here are the three big points to focus on.

Every hunter has had to deal with an anti-hunter. Anti-hunters can have an array of different reasons why they’re not fans of hunting. Some might think that hunting is cruel, unnecessary, or bad for nature. Well, in reality, all those can simply be debunked.

1. Hunting isn’t cruel

Hunting isn’t cruel. However, taking the life of any living animal or creature can produce a wave of emotions. Let’s ask this question, though. What represents more cruelty: a animal raised in close quarters, likely castrated, and injected with various antibiotics and substances to stimulate growth, only to be killed, or a deer that has lived in nature its entire life before being killed by a hunter?

Obviously it’s up for debate, but most reasonable people would go with the latter of the two.

2. Hunting is necessary

Hunting helps keep populations in check, particularly when it comes to controlling invasive species. Critters like hogs and snow geese can cause serious damage to agriculture crops, so much so that most farmers and landowners give hunters the green light to thin the heard. With the help of hunters, we are able to help keep control of invasive species.

3. Hunting makes communities safer

Did you know deer kill more people than sharks and bears? Deer cause hundreds of deadly car accidents every year. Areas like, Cook County, Illinois, where little hunting is permitted, also have the highest numbers of car crashes due to deer. That’s no coincidence. Hunting keeps populations in a sound position.

For the anti-hunters, here’s a hypothetical question: would you rather have deer hunting, or more deadly crashes because of deer?

The next time an anti-hunter sneaks into a conversation, remind them of these three points. Also remember to always represent, and advocate for, ethical hunting. Don’t give anti-hunters a reason to gripe.


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Top 3 Anti-Hunting Arguments and How to Counter Them