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'What Would You Do' If You Saw a Dad Buying a Gun for His Young Son?

People witnessing a man buying a gun for his boy react in a surprising manner. What would you do in a similar situation? How young is too young to shoot?

How young is too young to shoot? That's the question posed by this hidden camera scenario. It's an experiment to see how people react to someone giving their child a firearm for his birthday.

The scene is an invention, the creation of the television show, "What Would You Do?" The show puts actors into life situations to play the roles while real people are caught on camera reacting to what they see taking place.

In this scenario, we see how people react to a woman berating a father for giving his son a firearm. Will they support her contention that the boy is too young, or will they support the father. Their reactions may surprise you.

Almost all of the people caught on film this day agreed that the father in the scene was doing the right thing by starting his boy on the path to responsible gun ownership. Only one man disagreed and that was when the father gave his son a weapon that was, in reality, probably a bit more than the boy could handle for his first gun.

But the other patrons came to the father's defense, boldly and effectively dismantling the objections of the woman. They all said that this was indeed the right way to bring our children up, by educating them on the tenets of safe gun handling.

The last family in the video is doing it right, as the man gives the father a thumbs up and says that he is teaching his six-year old how to use weapons already. Their small daughter also knows not to touch guns and to tell an adult when finding one.

I suspect that the reactions of the majority of law abiding gun owners would have been the same as these people.

What would you have done in this situation?


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'What Would You Do' If You Saw a Dad Buying a Gun for His Young Son?