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What to Do with Your Bow to Be Ready for Deer Season

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If you’re a bowhunter, deer season is right around the corner. Here’s what you’ve got to do with your bow to be ready for it.

Is your bow still sitting in the garage, and not been shot since last season? Don’t panic, even though deer season is quickly approaching, you have plenty of time to make sure your bow is dialed by the time opening day arrives. These few things will ensure you have nothing to worry about when your aiming at a deer instead of the target in the backyard.


Before anything else, give your bow a thorough look to make sure there is nothing obvious wrong with it. Check the strings, cables, cams, sight, and your rest. Make sure there aren’t any nicks in the cams or worn areas in the strings. Make sure that all nuts and screws are tight on your accessories. It is important to check that your sight doesn’t contain any cracks, or have broken pins.

It is a common occurrence for the fiber optics at the end of a pin to come loose or break. This could be caused by it catching on a twig of some form while walking through the woods last season. Thoroughly going through the structure of your bow will help to prevent any issues once you start letting arrows fly.

Paper Tuning

Paper tuning your bow is overlooked much of the time, but it is important. It allows you to know how your arrow behaves during flight, and after adjustment, it can give you optimal arrow flight. You shoot your arrow through a piece of paper, and can see how your arrow makes impact upon hitting the paper, and how it continues to tear the paper as it flies through it.

What you want to see is one hole, where your arrow makes impact, and then the rest of the shaft flies through the same hole. After getting a consistent tear, adjustments may need to be made to your nocking point or rest. I’d recommend doing this at an archery shop, but there are ways to build and construct your own paper tuning setup at home as well.

Archery Drills

Once your bow is ready to be put to use, there is an abundance of “drills” you can do to get ready for deer season. Practice holding back for as long as you can before you shoot an arrow every now and again. In the deer woods, nothing usually goes as planned, and you might be stuck at full draw for longer than expected. On the opposite side of the spectrum, most likely during the rut, everything can happen in a matter of seconds. Practicing drawing and shooting your bow, all in less than five seconds. Be careful while doing this though, being conscience of not punching the trigger.

Shooting in low light conditions is another way to be ready for deer season. Most shots occur around sunrise and sunset. Also, shoot at unknown distances. All too often, when a buck makes his way into shooting range, there isn’t time to put the rangefinder to him and know an exact distance. Practice judging distances before it happens for real.

Your bow is an important part of deer season. Scouting, hanging stands, running trail cameras can all go to waste if your not proficient with your stick and string. It’s time to get it ready, you’ll be sitting in a treestand before you know it.

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What to Do with Your Bow to Be Ready for Deer Season