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What to Do When Pulled Over by Police as a CCW Holder

When you're pulled over by a police officer and you legally have a firearm with you, how should you act? What should you do? Do you tell the officer you have a gun?

Those are questions many law-abiding people have. The folk at the Sig Sauer Academy and the National Shooting Sports Foundation put together this video to give you the answers.

One of the big reasons people give for not telling the police that they have a gun in the car is that they do not want to alarm the officer. The key thing to remember is that not telling them will alarm them even more.

The real point is to remain calm during the traffic stop, be polite and truthful. Don't use your hands to show the officer where the gun is, merely tell him.

Follow directions and he'll appreciate it. If you are asked to step out of the car, don't put up a fuss. Too many people want to get irate when asked to do something they think is over the top or wrong.

After all, why should a person that isn't doing anything wrong be expected to get out of the vehicle? This is an understandable question. Notice, I didn't say it was a logical question. What's logical is that the policeman is being safe and protecting both of you.

Follow the outline in this video and you'll do well.


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What to Do When Pulled Over by Police as a CCW Holder