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What it Looks Like When Animals Investigate GoPros [VIDEO]

A GoPro view into the world of animals can be a treat.

Watching animals play with GoPros is fun.

Watch as lions, jaguars, sea turtles, bears, monkeys, hawks, giraffes, and more get curious with cameras.

Bear’s mouths don’t look so clean. This video also solidifies my fear of being pecked to death by birds.

The big cats are generally playing with the camera, like they play with their food. The birds are trying to take the GoPros to make a nest and the bears just want to eat it. We get a nice view of the plaque on their back molars.

The giraffe could care less, walking over it nonchalant, and the elephant stomps on it, probably breaking it.

The view show you what it would be like if these animals were all up in your face.

So curious.

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What it Looks Like When Animals Investigate GoPros [VIDEO]