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What is the Precision Peep and Why Must You Own One?

precision peep low light

This high-quality rear peep sight for compound bows is so genius it makes you wish you'd thought of it.

It is called the Precision Peep, and the idea behind it is just brilliant.

Each year, archers look for new ways to make themselves more accurate in the field as hunters and on the course as target shooters. The Precision Peep may just be the tool to do that.

What is the Precision Peep?

precision peep
Precision Peeps

The Precision Peep is a rear peep sight that is served into the string of your compound bow, just like any regular peep sight. The only difference is that this peep sight features something unique that will give you an additional point of reference while shooting. That extra point of reference will give you better consistency. The end result is better accuracy, especially at greater distances.

What is this extra feature? The idea is simple, but it makes a big difference. It's a vertical post inside the peep that gives you a second reference point. The idea is that instead of having to line up two apertures (your rear peep sight and your front sight housing), you line your pin up on top of the post, like a golf ball on a tee.

This method will give you an exact reference point every time.

Does it really work?

I could write about every detail available on the Precision Peeps website and reiterate much of the information that they share, but let's discuss what you really want to know here:

Yes. It works, and I've never been more accurate.

Actually, when I first put this on my bow string, my initial thoughts were, it looks cool, but I don't think this thing is going to work. Sure, the idea and technology behind it might be fail proof, and it makes sense that it should work. The fact is, that it should make you more accurate, but the truth is I was skeptical.

My first few shots took some getting used to, but I was seeing more accuracy and consistency in my groupings almost immediately. I shot first at a distance of 20 yards and then moved back to 60 yards after I was used to it. To my surprise, I was more consistent at greater distances.

precision peep
Similar to what the shooter will see while looking through the Precision Peep.

I am a hunter and do not compete with any type of target bow. My hunting bow is set up for me, and I put a lot of time and practice into shooting my bow. After adding the Precision Peep, I felt capable of entering tournaments, even with a hunting bow setup.

Will I do it? No. Truth is, I would probably fold under pressure and blame it on the fact that I have a hunting bow.

Every other year, I look to buy a new bow, usually whatever new bow is out on the market. This year, instead of buying a new bow, I put a new string on my bow, got a new stabilizer and new arrows, and added the Precision Peep. I have never been more accurate.

How is it in low light?

Precision Peeps

The answer is simple here: it works in low light just as well as your regular peep. The size of the aperture is 5/16", which at first may take some getting used to because it is slightly larger than most peep sights.

I gave Precision Peeps to two buddies of mine this year as gifts, and at first, they weren't fans. Wait and see, I thought to myself: I had picked these two guys to give the peep to because they are very hardheaded and set in their ways. Nevertheless, not too long after both of them spent some time with the Precision Peep, the results trumped their stone-set minds, and they deemed it worth shooting.

In contrast, the people who have advised me that the Precision Peep doesn't work have almost always been people who have never shot it.

I shoot approximately 100 arrows a week through my bow, and I've had the Precision Peep for nearly two months. I love to test products and do reviews for other hunters, rather than for companies, because they can appreciate the value of a longer-term test of an item. In the process, have found many products that work and some that do not, and this year I look forward to hunting with the Precision Peep on my string.

Often, you can find whether a product works only in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the eye of the bow-holder.

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What is the Precision Peep and Why Must You Own One?