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What Happens When You Shoot an iPhone with a Compound Bow?

What Do You Think Will Happen When You Shoot An iPhone With A Compound Bow?

Admit it: you’ve always wondered what would happen if you shot an iPhone with a compound bow.

Tim Kjellesvik was in the same boat as you, so he decided to shoot an iPhone with a compound bow on video in his backyard. This is not the only random thing he’s shot with a bow: he also has some pretty cool videos of himself arrowing a fire extinguisher and a spinning circular saw.

During the video he was using a DirtNap Gear DRT broadhead.

Watch the video to see what that arrow did to the iPhone:

Well, there you have it: that arrow punched through the iPhone, hardly slowing down. If you decide to replicate that feat at home, make sure you use an iPhone you don’t need anymore, and you may want to take out the battery first.

That is the same arrow-and-broadhead combination Tim used when he took his massive 19-point Missouri whitetail in the Ozarks earlier this year, so it’s clearly a pretty awesome all-around broadhead.

What should Tim shoot next?

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What Happens When You Shoot an iPhone with a Compound Bow?