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What Happens When You Shoot a .50 Cal Bullet with an Arrow?

.50 cal bullet hit by arrow

Watch what happens when Cameron Hanes places a perfect shot on a .50 cal bullet.

Growing up, most of us had that thought: what would happen if I hit a primer on a bullet with a nail and hammer? What if I shot a bullet with another bullet? If I’m the only one who has ever had those questions, well, maybe I wasn’t as much of an angel as my parents made me out to be.

Regardless, never before have I questioned what would happen if I shot a bullet with a bow and arrow.

That’s mostly because I have never been nearly as accurate as Cameron Hanes. My chances of hitting directly on the primer of a .50 caliber bullet, as he does in this video, are very slim. Cameron Hanes can and does make that shot, and with that, we are all able to witness in slow motion exactly what happens when you hit a .50 cal with an arrow.

First things first, what a shot! Secondly, how awesome was that? I was surprised that only the primer had gone off and would have thought significantly different results would have taken place. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the making of the video, but unfortunately, the bullet did not discharge from the shell as we all secretly wished it had.

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What Happens When You Shoot a .50 Cal Bullet with an Arrow?