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What Happens When You Fire a Shotgun Slug Backwards?

What would an upside down shotgun slug actually do when fired you ask?

Taofledermaus is tackling this experiment and the outcomes might surprise you.

Watch this video and see what happens when you fire a shotgun slug backwards.

Lyman hand cast slugs loaded backwards in a shotgun shell are quite an interesting load.

Taofledermaus has some of these interesting experimental shotgun slug loads to test out. Firing these slugs backward we witness the impact upon large gummy bears is just incredible. The slow motion footage tells the complete story. Pieces of the lead skirt sheared off the fired backward slug in the target. The rest of the shotgun slug continues through.

As this experiment shows a backward shotgun slug can become one giant hollow point projectile.



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What Happens When You Fire a Shotgun Slug Backwards?