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What Happens When an Ethicist Goes Elk Hunting?

This ethicist has decided to take the procurement of his meat into his own hands.

After several failed attempts at vegetarianism, Alex the ethicist has created some interesting rules on what meat he will eat. One of those rules is what he calls his “one degree of separation rule.” It states that he can only eat meat that he or someone he knows has killed.

In an attempt to procure a large store of meat in what he feels is an ethical manner, he hits the mountains of Colorado in search of elk. Watch the video to see what this ethicist learns and how his hunt turns out.

Elk hunting is difficult, even for seasoned veterans, and going into your first elk hunt can be daunting. Alex deserves credit for staying persistent and, given enough time and persistence, he’s bound to be successful. It will be interesting to see how he feels after bringing down an animal as large as an elk.

Experienced hunters often become desensitized to the fact that “success” in hunting means the killing of a wild animal. Sometimes it takes an outsider like an ethicist to make us remember that killing is a big deal and should be treated like one. But, just like Alex, most of us list procuring high quality meat as one of the main reasons we hit the field each season.


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What Happens When an Ethicist Goes Elk Hunting?