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What’s Wrong with This Whitetail Deer Caught on Trail Cam?

Not all whitetail deer are created equal, especially not this one.

Trail cams are known to capture the things that would otherwise go unnoticed by the average hunter, and this video is no exception.

Check out this trail cam footage of a whitetail deer that’s probably got an interesting back story.

This clip was filmed in southern Lancaster County near Buck, Pennsylvania. The whitetail deer in the video appears to have two noses and according to Dr. Justin Brown, the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Wildlife Veterinarian, “The deer at some point in the past has suffered a severe injury to its muzzle, exposing the nasal passages.”

Pat Rodeheaver, 32, who works for the U.S. Department of Justice was responsible for setting up this trail cam. He captured the images and initially though his camera had mud on the lens, but upon further inspection that was not the case.

Nature is full of oddities and rare occurrences, and this whitetail deer is one of the many masterpieces of the world. When asked if he would hunt the deer Rodeheaver told reporters, “I would feel guilty especially if the injury is caused from someone taking a bad shot at it.”



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What’s Wrong with This Whitetail Deer Caught on Trail Cam?