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What Does The Lynx Say? [VIDEO]

We’ve all heard what the fox says (a few too many times at this point), but what about the lynx?

For those not familiar, the Canada (or Canadian) Lynx is a truly beautiful specimen of nature. According to Wikipedia, while the Canada Lynx may share its namesake with the Eurasian Lynx, its physical features are more like a bobcat’s, though it is larger.

254px-Ernest_Ingersoll_-_lynx_rufus_&_lynx_canadensis copyComparative illustration of bobcat (top) and Canada lynx (bottom) heads (1906) via Wikipedia.

As for where you can see one of these majestic cats, their area spans across parts of the US, despite constant encroachment from human development. From Wikipedia,

In addition there are large populations of this lynx in Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon and a resident population exists in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming that extends into the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.[14] The Canada lynx is rare in Utah, Minnesota, and New England. The Canada lynx is a threatened species in the contiguous United States. It is also found in the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming.

Now onto what we’re all wondering, ‘what does the lynx say?’ Quite simply, not a lot; these creatures are notoriously shy and not wanton with their cries. Lucky for us, the Parks Canada YouTube page was able to capture a rare encounter with a lynx in Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park.

Check out the video below to hear for yourself.

Not nearly as ferocious as you were expecting, right? It’s hard to say exactly what kind of call this lynx was making (one YouTube commenter suggested it was calling for a mate), but we’re glad we got to experience the unique sound of such an elusive creature.

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Have you ever encountered a lynx in the wild? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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What Does The Lynx Say? [VIDEO]