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What Does the Buck Say?

We were all captivated by the ridiculousness of the Ylvis tune, but hunters really want to know “What Does the Buck Say?”

Deer calls and attractants help us lure in a buck with their best imitations of what they sound and smell like, initiating communication with the natural world.

That communication takes on a whole new meaning with Team Tag-N-Brag, operators of, a social networking site geared toward hunters and fishermen. The passionate anglers and hunters behind the site published this beauty on their YouTube channel, and thought readers of our site would appreciate it.

Ready for a song to be stuck in your head for the duration of the Thanksgiving holiday? Then watch their video for What Does the Buck Say?

We’ve been curious ourselves to know what it is that deer talk about while hunters aren’t around, and this, well, sort of gave us an answer.

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What Does the Buck Say?