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What Are Your Thoughts on the “Biggest Bucks on Earth”?

giant farm raised deer

Take a look at some of the biggest deer in the world. 

Deer farming might sound like a far cry from other kinds of farming, but in all reality, it shares the common goal of raising the most genetically superior animals.

Whether it’s right or wrong, selection is common in most animal farming industries. However, unlike with other animals, deer farming doesn’t focus on breeding animals for milking or mature size for harvest. Deer farming focuses on breeding humungous antlers with superior genes.

See some of the biggest deer in the industry in this quick video.

Some of these bucks look almost like they’re part of some mad scientist experiment. Are farmers shelving all ethics in order to maximize profits, propel the industry, and ultimately grow the biggest deer possible?

This video was so jam-packed with larger-than-life whitetails that we took some stills of the standout bucks so everyone can take a longer look.

biggest deer

This buck is likely aged at 3 years, and it’s well over 250 inches.


This buck has everything and the kitchen sink; stickers and beams are literally coming out of everywhere.


What would happen if someone saw a buck of this caliber in the wild?

giant farm deer

Here’s an action shot of buck that’s about as big as they can grow, even with superior genes, meticulous calculations, and strategic deer farming.

Regardless of opinions of deer farming, we can all agree that these deer incredibly huge.


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What Are Your Thoughts on the “Biggest Bucks on Earth”?