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Which Animals Kill the Most Humans Every Year? [INFOGRAPHIC]

It is generally assumed that the largest and most dangerous predators kill the most people every year. But sometimes the smallest animals on our earth can be the deadliest. 

People are afraid of the large predators that roam the earth more so than the little guys probably due to the violent and gruesome ways the big, scary animals can kill you. I think being ripped apart by a great white shark is more fear-inducing than dying from an infected ant bite. But the latter happens much more than shark attacks.

Check out this infographic that created last year breaking down the real animals we should fear, like cows.


I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t normally swim in the same waters as hippos. But as hunters, we can all attest to how dangerous and unpredictable deer can be.

The next time you go in the ocean, I would be more afraid of dying from a jellyfish sting than that shark underneath you. Don’t worry, he’s just saying hi!

Tune into Shark Week this July to learn about how many people were killed by sharks this year.

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Which Animals Kill the Most Humans Every Year? [INFOGRAPHIC]