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Whale-Watching Boat Guides a Swimming Buck Away From a Pod of Orcas

swimming buck

A Canadian whale-watching boat was able to steer a swimming buck away from a group of killer whales in an effort to keep it from becoming lunch.

When a group on a whale-watching tour boat noticed what looked like some kind of tree in the water near East Sooke Park in Victoria, BC, they quickly realized that the tree was… swimming.

The only issue with the interesting sight of a deer in the water was the fact that a pod of killer whales were swimming in the same area.

Since the tour he was guiding was in a “Zodiac”-style water craft, Mark Malleson of the Prince of Wales tour company decided to use the boat to steer the swimming buck away from the pod and towards the shore of a nearby island.

While the pod of orcas didn’t seem to be a threat in this case, the tour company wrote on its Facebook page, “In Alaska and Northern B.C., transient orcas are known to prey upon deer and moose as they swim between islands or across inside passages.”

Deer are well known to be strong swimmers, and this one seemed no different. Moving between islands in the area, while maybe not commonplace, is a real thing for deer in this part of BC.

At the end of the video the buck makes like a mountain goat and climbs out of the water and right up the side of the cliff! Anyone waiting for the deer to be munched was disappointed, but there’s one hardy buck that will get another chance to spread his DNA in the region.


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Whale-Watching Boat Guides a Swimming Buck Away From a Pod of Orcas