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Whale Shark is More Graceful Under Water Than We Know

It’s easy to think of sharks as vicious, lumbering ocean dwellers, but the reality is different. 

An Instagram video surfaced this week of a whale shark doing the most graceful barrel roll to avoid a sea turtle in its path.

It seems as though traversing the ocean has certain rules like our roads.

Gentle Giants, and this video proves it! This Whale Shark is mimicking its Manta Ray friends (of which there are many at #NingalooReef on @Australia's Coral Coast​) by barrel rolling away from a tiny (in comparison to its 9m) #turtle 🐢 Whale Sharks have very sensitive bellies and that's why Cobia 🐟  are often seen as a whale shark's companion, swimming around their stomach for protection of the #whaleshark and themselves. 🏊🏻 Tag your swimming buddy 🏊🏻 Video: @joshdeanandrew_ on board @_ningalooblue #thisiswa #amazingcoralcoast #amazing_australia #animalsofinstagram #australia #naturegram #westernaustralia #underwatervideo #underwaterphotography #WAnderlust

A video posted by Coral Coast, Western Australia (@australiascoralcoast) on

This whale shark is about 30 feet long and just look at the way it glides through the water!

It’s incredible to see sharks interacting with other forms of wildlife in a way that isn’t chomping them. Of course, we know sharks are majestic creatures, but this video confirms it.



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Whale Shark is More Graceful Under Water Than We Know