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Whale Nearly Jumps into Fishing Boat [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen a whale breach this close to a boat?

Dan Mahn of Florence, Mont. filmed this incredible video in 2012 while on a guided fishing trip offshore the village of Tofino in British Columbia. Mahn and the boat's crew took a pause from fishing to watch a whale calf near their boat. The calf disappeared underwater briefly, and then breached the surface fast and high. The acrobatic whale almost landed on top of the boat.

According to the video's description, Mahn and the rest of the guests went home with a bounty of seafood. They also went home with an experience few people will ever have.

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Tofino is a popular destination for whale watching tourism and salt and freshwater fishing.

Had any close encounters with whales on your fishing adventures? Share your story in the comments section.


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Whale Nearly Jumps into Fishing Boat [VIDEO]