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Has the Whale Exploded Yet? [PICS]

A Canadian town is regrettably asking the question, 'Has the whale exploded yet?'

Trout River, Newfoundland residents are anxiously awaiting the imminent (and sure to be disgusting) explosion of a beached and bloated blue whale, says the CBC.

Theories claim the dead whale was part of a group that died from heavy sea ice weeks ago, and washed ashore last week. The order is reportedly already becoming too much to handle.

Exploding whale carcasses are not entirely new, and occur after internal gases from the decomposition process expand to burst through blubber, often causing unfortunate streams of, well, whale bits.

Trout River residents hope the carcass explosion happens when its busy boardwalk area, right near where the whale remains beached, is less occupied.

The town is responsible now that the whale has been beached, but lacks the resources and expertise to attempt to eradicate the massive mammal.


Image via Don Bradshaw


Image via CBC/Jeremy Crocker

To add a bit of humor to the likely unfortunate situation, someone set up to help track the progress. Yes, we've bookmarked it, and you might as well too.

How else are you going to be among the first to know when the whale explodes?


Featured image via CBC/Jeremy Crocker

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Has the Whale Exploded Yet? [PICS]