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Western North Carolina Hunter Takes 18-Point Trophy

Image via North Carolina Sportsman

In early December, one Rutherford County, North Carolina man harvested a nice 18-point trophy buck after sleeping late.

North Carolina is not generally a state that is thought of as a “big buck” state, but in early December Jeffery Burgess II took an 18-point trophy that shows that is a misconception.

After accidentally oversleeping Burgess, was woken by his father and they headed out into the woods after daylight. As he arrived to his stand, he had his second unlucky event of the day, and spooked a deer.

“All I saw was a white tail,” Burgess said. “I couldn’t tell what it was, but it was a deer.”

Despite his luck up to that point, Burgess decided to climb up into his stand and wait it out. Finally, two hours later, he received a text from his dad who was hunting nearby saying to be on the lookout because he was seeing some does.

“About 15 minutes later, I caught a little bit of movement in the thicket. I looked up, and all I could see were antlers,” Burgess said.

That was quite a fitting description, considering that the antlers were a 151 ¼-inch 18-point trophy with 9.5-inch tines and an 18-inch spread. Quite an impressive deer, especially for North Carolina.


Burgess was able to successfully make the shot when the buck was around 50 yards away. After a brief scare of not being able to find the deer or a blood trail, he got lucky and spotted his trophy laying just yards from him.


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Western North Carolina Hunter Takes 18-Point Trophy