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West Virginia Hunter Tags Rare Albino Buck

For hunters, tagging out on a mature whitetail is a season long achievement. Tagging an albino buck is once in a lifetime event. 

It seems that there has been several stories this year where albino deer have made headlines, especially this story about an 11-year old boy that shot an albino buck in Michigan. The reason these stories capture the headlines the way they do is simply because of the rarity that they are likely to occur.

I’ve been a deer hunter my entire life and I don’t think I have met anyone firsthand that has seen an albino deer, let alone an albino buck. That may have been the case for Mickey Comp of Kingwood, WV as well.

Except for the fact that Mickey saw an albino buck on a trail camera earlier in the year. According to the original story, Comp knew one was in the area and just so happened to fill his tag a few days before gun season opened in West Virginia.

“Every year, I’ve always hoped to get a chance to kill an albino or piebald buck,” said Comp. “That would be a dream deer to me and a lifetime event to come true. Low and behold this year it did.”

It really was a matter of luck that Comp was even in the right spot to take the buck since just a few days before, his own father held off taking that buck himself in hopes that his son would get a chance.

“Dad actually got video of him and said he could have shot him. He actually had the bow up and had the pin on him,” he said. “He said, it would mean more to me and I’m sure grateful he did that.”

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A good friend and I had a conversation about albino deer just other day. If you were in a position, like Mickey Comp, would you punch your tag on a albino buck too?

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West Virginia Hunter Tags Rare Albino Buck