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West Milford Muskie is Nearly a New Jersey Record Breaker


A West Milford muskie recently harvested almost broke New Jersey's state record. 

The West Milford muskie was caught on Greenwood Lake and weighed just shy of the Garden State record of 42 pounds.

48 year old angler Leonid Shereshevsky was using a lure and jigging when he caught the large muskie while fishing on the boat with his friend Anthony Pucci.

Once Shereshevsky caught the West Milford muskie he tried to get in touch with the state fish hatchery to validate the weight. Unfortunately, Shereshevsky wasn't able to get the fish officially weighed until the following day. It had a weight of 40.76 pounds and measured 51.5 inches.

He feels the fish would have broken the state record if weighed the day he caught it, because fish are known to lose ten percent of their weight after 24 hours being out of the water.

Mark Boriek, principal fisheries biologist for the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries Lab in Lebanon, told reporters, "The old record is still valid."

That record was set in 1997 by Bob Neals at the Monksville River in Ringwood. His muskie weighed 42 pounds and 13 ounces.

The West Milford muskie is a member of the pike family, typically swims is shallow water, and can be caught all year.

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West Milford Muskie is Nearly a New Jersey Record Breaker