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West Coast Salmon Seasons Established for 2015

West Coast Salmon Seasons Established for 2015
Castle Gate Press

On April 15, the Pacific Fishery Management Council adopted salmon seasons for Washington, Oregon, and California recreational and commercial fishers.

Salmon fisheries should benefit from strong returns in the Columbia River. Fisheries of Sacramento and Klamath River fall Chinook are predicted to be good. Salmon seasons established by the Council are outlined below.

California and Oregon South of Cape Falcon, Oregon

An abundance of Sacramento River fall Chinook and strong Coho runs for the Columbia River have been predicted. Drought concerns in California have shaped protective measures south of Point Arena.

Recreation fisheries in the Brookings/Eureka/Crescent City area focus on Chinook salmon and run May 1 through September 7. Fisheries south of this area opened April 4, with the following closure dates: Fort Bragg area - November 8; San Francisco area - October 31; Pigeon Point to Point Sur - September 7; South of Point Sur - July 19.

Central Oregon recreational fisheries will allow Chinook retention from March 15 to October 31.

Commercial fisheries from Cape Falcon to Humbug Mountain, Oregon will have a split season: April 1 through August 27, and September 2 through September 30. The areas from Humbug Mountain to the California border will be open April through August. Quotas for Chinook are: June (1,800), July (1,000), August (500).  The commercial fisheries from the California border to the Humboldt South Jetty opens September 11 with a quota of 3,000 Chinook.

Split commercial seasons between Horse Mountain and Point Arena are as follows: The entire month of May, June 15 - 30, July 12-August 26, and September 1-30.

Point Arena to Pigeon Point commercial season: May, June 7-June 30, July 8-August 29, and September. Pigeon Point to the Mexican border Chinook season: May 1-May 31, June 7-June 30, July 8-July 31. Pigeon Point to Point Sur will be also be open August 1-15. Point Reyes to Point San Pedro: October 1-2, 5-9, and 12-15.

Washington and Oregon North of Cape Falcon

Strong returns of Columbia River fall Chinook and coho are expected.

Recreational fisheries North of Cape Falcon begin May 30 off the Columbia River, and May 16 off La Push and Neah Bay. These seasons end either June 12, or when the quota of 10,000 Chinook are caught.

Other Recreational fisheries North of Cape Falcon for all salmon run June 13-September 30, or when quotas are reached.

Commercial fisheries north of Cape Falcon for traditional Chinook will run in the May-June timeframe. All-salmon seasons  run late June to September. These seasons will be quota driven: Chinook quotas are 40,200 for May-June, and 26,800 Chinook for all-salmon season. The coho quota is set at 19,200.

The Council developed these salmon seasons after a lengthy review, and their decisions has been forwarded to the National Marin Fisheries Service for approval.

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West Coast Salmon Seasons Established for 2015