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Werewolves in London? No, Real Wolves in Paris

Now that there are sightings of wolves in Paris, or at least the surrounding area, the predator and its reputation closes in on the French capital.

Bloomberg recently reported on the surge of wolf activity in a group of small villages near Paris, at most about 175 miles away.

Farmers, shepherds and other townspeople have reported 29 sheep attacks since last May.

Researchers say the area is a few days’ walk for a healthy wolf, and that the species has been inching closer to Paris, and all the people that live in and near it, since it first came to the country in 1992 from Italy.

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Much like North American wolves, these European counterparts were killed off in the Paris vicinity during a hunting boom in the 1920s and earlier. And, again like in North America, the reintroduction of wolves is not mixing perfectly with the humans who have spread their presence and impact wider and farther than before.

France’s wolf population is said to be in the low hundreds, with Italy and Spain housing 1,000 and 2,000 respectively for comparison.

The benefits and drawbacks of a predator species being so close to modern human development will continue to play themselves out, and it will be interesting to monitor the European wolf story alongside our own in America.

Give the full story a read to find out about the interesting moments in the story thus far, and stay tuned to Wide Open Spaces for more information as it develops both here and overseas.

What do you think about the European and North American similarities in their wolf situations?

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Werewolves in London? No, Real Wolves in Paris