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How Well Would You Do in This 45-Minute Trout Fishing Challenge?

trout fishing challenge

What could be better than squeezing in a trout fishing challenge before a flight home?

Instead of taking their time getting to the airport, two angling Youtube users decide to have a quick 45-minute trout fishing challenge.

Watch as they take to the Patapsco River in Ellicott City, Maryland, and see who can catch the most fish in this trout fishing challenge.

According to the Youtube user 1Rod1ReelFshing, this video was made because,”Originally, LunkersTV and I were going to sleep in, eat some breakfast, then I was to drop him off at the airport by noon so he could catch his flight back to Texas. Well, we changed our minds when we woke up a bit earlier than anticipated… So, we skipped breakfast, grabbed a couple rods, and drove out to a local river to see if any trout were around and biting.”

In this video, they were using the following gear, Favorite Summit Rod 6’8″ med/fast, PowerBait Power Floating Trout Worm, Suffix 832 braid, and PINK Trout Worms. 

Since they were in a time crunch, they had to improvise, using what they had with them to catch the most fish. The final tally was 1Rod1ReelFshing – 1 and LunkersTV – 2.

Remember, if you didn’t catch what you were after: “A fish is a fish.”


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How Well Would You Do in This 45-Minute Trout Fishing Challenge?