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How Well Do .22 Shot Cartridges Work Against Snakes?

Many of us have noticed .22 caliber shot cartridges for sale at the local gun shop.

This .22 caliber Ruger LCR pistol is a great small caliber revolver. Shot cartridges are reputed to be good in such weapons for poisonous snake country defense. How good is this combination in reality?

A box of Winchester brand crimped .22 caliber shot cartridges and a Ruger LCR revolver are tested out to see if they are snake capable. The results are far from satisfactory.

The shot cartridges were originally meant for smooth bore “garden guns.” These miniature shotguns were great for close range pests without punching holes in buildings. Rifling in the barrels of conventional guns causes the shot to scatter making for poor patterns and missed critters.

If you pack a .22 revolver for poisonous snake protection, stick with standard bullets and far away from the shot cartridges.



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How Well Do .22 Shot Cartridges Work Against Snakes?