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Welcome to ReelFinatics, the Angler’s Network [PICS]

If there ever was a fishing website that you should join, ReelFinatics is it.

Imagine a website that allows you to read reviews of fishing guides or charters from actual fishermen with direct experiences from those businesses. Imagine if this same platform gave those very same guides and charters a chance to respond back.

What about a website with fish photos posted instantly by phone from destinations all over the world? Well, ReelFinatics is doing this already, and a whole lot more.

Reelfinatics is the brainchild of renowned fisherman and TV personality David Maynard, and CEO and founder, Ray Franze. On June 23, 2015, ReelFinatics re-launched their platform with updates to bring an angler’s entertainment network to the world. With multiple phases on the horizon, and big plans in the works, phase one is up and running.

Ray Franze

Currently, members that sign up will have the ability to post fish pictures to a global map while updating very basic statistics about that picture. This allows a fisherman looking to take a trip to see exactly what people are catching and where, not to mention, what on.

Guides, charters, and lodges, can participate on this platform as well. If you are like me, you may find that looking for one of these businesses can be rather frustrating, especially if you are going to a new place.

ReelFinatics will show you current pictures from those very guides and charters, as long as they are posting photos, and give you current reviews from actual fisherman that have recently fished with them.

What better way to see if a guide or charter is really worth the money?

Soon, ReelFinatics will be a lot more than just a place to post photos and see if you caught a bigger fish than the guy who fished the same body of water you did two days before.

“We plan to build the fishing site that fishermen want,” said Franze. “We expect this to become a global fishing community.”

In order for this to happen, ReelFinatics will be hosting a crowd funding effort very soon to help raise funds to build ReelFinatics into what it will become. In donating to the site, participants will be eligible for shirts, hats, incredible fishing trips, and other perks just for sparing the cost of a morning cup of coffee.

Dave Maynard

So where is all this going? As Maynard and Franze explained, ReelFinatics will be a social network for fishermen, by fishermen. There are plans for an online store that will allow fisherman the ability to sell their own unique products like custom rods, lures, or other gear. They imagine it to be like a swap meet/second hand section where members can sell their used gear to other fisherman looking to upgrade.

There are also plans for a section where members can rate fishing blogs, sites, and podcasts, as well as read and listen to them, so we all know what is worth our time, and what isn’t.

Perhaps even more exciting are the plans for live streaming videos directly to our phones and laptops showing fishing related programming 24 hours a day. With a list of applications, up to 12 different functions of ReelFinatics is currently in the works, you can see how this is going to become the angler’s network, and not just another fishing site.

It will be an online fishing destination that will unite the fishing community around the globe.

“ReelFinatics will fulfill a void for fishing entertainment to anyone in the world that has an internet connection,” said Maynard.

Here is where you can help. Go to ReelFinatics and sign up. It’s free. Post a few pictures and start helping others catch fish. Once the ReelFinatics IndieGoGo campaign goes live, donate.

It’s not just for you, it’s for all fishermen. You will even get some cool stuff just for doing it. After that, follow along on Twitter and Facebook and join the party. From there, we can all go catch fish together.

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Welcome to ReelFinatics, the Angler’s Network [PICS]