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Doubt You’ve Used These Baits to Hook Fish

Have you ever found yourself out of bait, but the fish are still biting? Try using one of these unorthodox solutions that other anglers have found highly effective.


You’d never think fish would be fond of eating tobacco, sweets or their own body parts, but anglers claim to have found success using just such as bait. We’ve gathered the 10 weirdest baits ever used to hook a fish.

Take a look at the photos below to see the 10 weirdest baits.

Ivory Soap

weirdest bait

Kate’s Kitchen Garden

Tired of getting your hands covered in gunk from catfishing with worms or liver? You can’t get much cleaner than Ivory soap. Believe it or not, some expert anglers, including fishing guide Lomax Dunham, claim to have caught plenty of cats by improvising on the water.

Dunham cubed some Ivory soap and strung it on a weighted line overnight. He returned to a bundle of catfish the next morning.


weirdest bait


Plenty of anglers have posted to online forums, boasting how effective perch eyeballs are at hooking more perch. They’re not wrong. Just pop the eyeball out of a fish you’ve caught and thread it onto the hook of your jig to start hooking more fish.

Eyeballs are particularly useful when ice fishing, but be aware that it’s illegal in some places. Just be sure to follow the local laws and you’ll do great catching some cannibalistic swimmers.

Gummy Worms

weirdest bait

Vancouver Candy

Bass must have a sweet tooth, because they certainly can’t tell the difference between sugar-covered gummy worms and dirty ol’ nightcrawlers. Many anglers have heard this claim for years, but considered it nothing more than a fishing legend. Kyle The Fish Whisperer posted proof to his YouTube account last spring.


weirdest bait

Knitting Pattern/UK

Fish must not be able to see anything under the water. In lieu of worms, some anglers have managed to catch bass with some four-ply yellow yarn tied around their hooks. Others claim that some short pieces of brown yarn can do the trick on rainbow trout that haven’t been biting.

Cigarette Butt

weirdest bait

Anne Mulder

Nasty as it may sound, certain anglers do claim to have caught fish with cigarette butts picked up off the bank, even claiming to have hooked as many as 100 fish in one afternoon using the leftover tobacco.

Canned Corn

weirdest bait

Midland Chilled/UK

Corn is often fed to fish in hatcheries, so why wouldn’t it also be a fantastic bait? Just thread a few kernels of canned corn onto your hook and start tempting trout, carp, bluegill and perch to take a bite.

Mini Marshmallows

weirdest bait

Gourmet Kosher Cooking

Bluegill and other types of sunfish see marshmallows as a tasty treat. Mini-marshmallows work especially well, so don’t forget to pack some in your picnic lunch.

Lo Mein Noodles

weirdest bait

Chinese Menu

PF Chang’s as fishing bait? When Bassmaster asked its Facebook fans to name the weirdest bait they’ve ever caught a fish on, at least one claimed that Chinese lo mein works just as well as worms. Others said they’d caught fish on Pop-Tarts, pizza, chips and Jell-O.

Bubble Gum

weirdest bait

Deviant Art

Catfish can be persnickety little suckers, but the wide variety of baits anglers have used to hook the whiskered swimmers is pretty amazing. Some even claim to have used bubble gum to hook some cats when they’ve been particularly finicky. Apparently, catfish have a fondness for strawberry-flavored Hubba Bubba.


Washington Sun Times

As the Boy Scouts always say, “Be Prepared.” And when fishing, it’s always best to prepare for any situation, so be sure and keep a condom in your tackle box. Some expert anglers claim that green condoms, in particular, make excellent bait that imitates the smaller fish in certain waters.

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Doubt You’ve Used These Baits to Hook Fish