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Weird, Rare Deep Sea “Ghost Shark” Spotted [VIDEO]

It’s not every day you see a rare, deep sea shark that looks like a cartoon airplane.

Awww. He looks kinda friendly. Big eyes, long fins. Not at all threatening.

Which is about right—this Ghost Shark (not really a shark at all, but a Chimera—a relative of sharks, rays, and skates) lives at great depths, eats almost exclusively mollusks, and doesn’t grow to more than about three feet long.

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These guys are extremely rare—to film one is a once in a lifetime experience. They’re prone to parasites (you’ll notice the ones the Nautilus crew points out in the video above).

Part of the reason they’re so exciting is that they don’t seem to have changed much over the last couple million years—in fact, Chimeras are the oldest classification of prehistoric cartilaginous fish.

So now you know. We’re just not sure why this guy wasn’t in ‘Finding Nemo.’ I mean, look at him. If Pixar makes a film about a ghost shark, we thought of it first.

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Weird, Rare Deep Sea “Ghost Shark” Spotted [VIDEO]