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A Colorful Alternative to Trophy Mounts

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Have you ever wanted to get a trophy mounted and the other half just wasn't having it? Here's your answer. 

I have never mounted a trophy animal that I have harvested. I used to say that until this season when I finally shot a buck big enough that I was finally ready. I asked my wife and she advised me that if I wanted to get a trophy mount, that it was my decision. She then further advised that it was her decision to not allow it in the house after it is done.

Had I known about these DIY Paperwolf designs, I may have opted out of the real taxidermy after all, and it may have made my wife happier.


German computer animator, Wolfram Kampffmeyer, designed and developed trophy animal mounts that can be ordered online and printed off from your computer. If the digital printouts aren't your style, you can also order them in a pre-cut version shipped to your house.

Currently, the most popular designs worldwide are a fox, unicorn, rhino, deer, and moose. All of these are available for print with the unicorn being the most popular ordered Paperwolf design from the United States.

If trying to design a Paperwolf yourself, räumliche vorstellungskraft, will be in order. What does that mean? Well, according to Kampffmeyer's Etsy page, it means you need to have "spatial sense."  If you are attempting this with your spouse or significant other, it also means you need to have a divorce attorney handy. I just couldn't imagine this working out any other way. Just kidding. Sort of.

In his own words, Kampffmeyer says:

Well, spatial sense is what Google Translator made of the German 'räumliche Vorstellungskraft'. If you despair of the look of flat pieces and think you will never ever be able to make a three-dimensional object out of it -- you probably lack spatial sense. In the instructions, you'll see what the finished object will look like. When you start folding, you'll need to imagine how the piece in your hand shall look like and need to be able to compare it with the picture in the instructions.

More videos from Wide Open Spaces:

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All this sounds easy enough to make your own trophy mounts right?  

Tumblr/Jim Goose

For the record, I'm glad I got my buck mounted and I can't wait until it's done! I might need a place to stay come October though...

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A Colorful Alternative to Trophy Mounts