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Weight Lifting Makes You a Better Shooter: Rich Piana Goes Hard

Rich Piana has some big guns. No, really, his arms are massive. His real guns are big, too.

Living in SoCal and realizing that there could be a revolution afoot in the political world, I've started heavily hitting the gym. I started following the "whatever it takes" mantra that Rich Piana has been pushing to those who will listen. Physical fitness and shooting always go hand and hand. Piana gets to get his hands dirty with some real competition shooters and get his 5 percent Nutrition team out there also.

Sara Piana is also getting her hands on some pistols and is being taught by some female shooters on how to better grapple basic pistol marksmanship skills. It's fun seeing these body building icons getting out of the gym and changing up their training session for one afternoon.

If you're looking for some avenues of getting started in the body building world and are looking for a place where you can get the information on food, gym tips, gym lifestyle and any other advice, Rich has been basically the most personable athlete I have seen and hopefully will be able to meet soon.

Training for the range and the gym always go hand in hand. Your body uses the same muscles in proper weight lifting execution, that you would normally use in a proper pistol and rifle stance. Technique is definitely important when reviewing your form because it will ultimately solidify your balance as well as prevent muscle fatigue while employing your weapon. I know I personally could always increase my stamina to keep training as long as possible both on and off the range.

Being physically fit will help your team if your on one and will be big booster in your self confidence if your able to manipulate your weapons easily because your strong enough to do so. Stay safe keep training and do whatever it takes.


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Weight Lifting Makes You a Better Shooter: Rich Piana Goes Hard