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The Week in Outdoor News

The Week in Outdoor News – 10/18/2013

Welcome to our collection of the biggest, most newsworthy, and just plain interesting stories and events from the great outdoors. The Wide Open Spaces team will do their best to collect the information you need to know to keep you aware of everything affecting you and your enjoyment of hunting, fishing and more.

From The 2013 World Archery Championships produced first time titles for Denmark, Columbia and The Netherlands, and ten new champions in the various events. 30 medals were awarded to 15 different National Federations. More than 440 competitors took aim at the Championships, which are being deemed the most watched, most followed, and likely most exciting archery tournament ever.

From Montana recently passed a law that allows hunting licences to be donated to disabled military veterans or disabled active duty service member. The only restriction is that the recipient must be involved in an organization that utilizes hunting as part of the rehabilitation program. Find out more information by visiting the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website.

From The National Shooting Sports Foundation named John D. Smith their new vice president and chief financial officer. Smith has a background with the West Point Association of Graduates, and will gain responsibility for the NSSF and the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI).

From According to the National Rifle Association, training materials have been purchased at a record pace, totaling 46,000 transactions and 850,000 units sold. The NRA’s Program Materials Center provides firearm training handbooks and videos, shooting aides, medals, program apparel and more. Training materials can be viewed and purchased on the Program Materials Center’s website.

From Coastal Conservation Association Florida (CCA Florida) is dishing out $60,000 to pioneer urban reefing to Jacksonville’s St. John’s River. The efforts, being funded halfway by Kenny Chesney and Costa Sunglasses, will create a “valuable marine habitat” in the middle of an urban setting. This will give yuppies the opportunity to loosen their ties, unbutton their collars, and recreationally fish while learning about marine conservation.

From The Jackson Hole Daily: After two weeks, the government shutdown has ended and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has reopened. That means many of the government-ran hunting and fishing grounds that are normally rich with opportunities are back to being occupied by hunters, fishermen and women, as well as hikers, campers and all lovers of the great outdoors. The story from The Jackson Hole Daily about the fisherman who rushed back to fish Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons on the morning it reopened is great.

From Shot Business: Bushnell, the premier binoculars and optics company, has been acquired by ATK. The sports optics, premium eyewear, and outdoor accessories company also produces some recognizable brands in Bolle, Butler Creek, Gold Tip, Hoppe’s, Primos, Serengeti, and Uncle Mike’s.

From The Toledo Blade: Hunters are being blamed for recklessly shooting on a group of trumpeter swans, killing two in the Pickerel Creek Wildlife Area of Ohio. The protected species earned the hunters fourth-degree misdemeanor charges that carry a maximum $250 fine, possible restitution costs of $1,000 each for the two dead swans, the potential loss of hunting privileges, and they could be liable for all of the costs incurred by Back to the Wild for the medical care and housing of another swan they injured.

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The Week in Outdoor News