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The Week in Outdoor News

The Week in Outdoor News - Friday, October 25, 2013

Here is our latest roundup of the biggest, most newsworthy, and just plain interesting stories and events from the great outdoors. The Wide Open Spaces team will do their best to collect the information you need to know to keep you aware of everything affecting you and your enjoyment of hunting, fishing and more.

From The Remington 2020 Digital Optic System has been floating around the news since the collaboration with Austin' Tracking Point was announced in April, and finally some details are emerging. According to a press release, the optic system "revolutionizes long-range accuracy by combining hand-selected rifles, matched ammunition, digital optics and target-tracking technology into an integrated shooting system."

From With the launch of "Cool Guy Yard Sale," the shooting industry has a new, membership-based e-commerce and discussion site, perfect for gun junkies looking to swap ideas and products. The many features of the site are said to reduce the problems created by social media and other online forums, as well as centralize news information on all things guns, ammunition and gear.

From Carhartt and RealTree are teaming up for a line of camouflaged outerwear to be released this fall. Realtree's new Xtra camo pattern will be found on popular Carhartt styles, marking the first and only Realtree camo line made in the USA.

From The Texas Deer Association: In yet another great act of charitable hunting activities, the Texas Deer Association is partnering with Trinity Oaks, a San Antonio nonprofit helping feed the hungry. Harvested deer, totalling a goal of 625,000 meals, will be provided for the charity's meat processing and food distribution program.

From Gun Digest: The world's foremost authority on guns has revamped its website, and a strong focus on mobile devices and tablets points towards a technological shift in the way we absorb our shooting information. Other design changes make the site easier to use and interact with, pushing Gun Digest further out front in the firearm information industry.

From Zebra Mussels are on the move, proven by the discovery of the invasive species in Lake Belton, Texas, 200 miles south of where they were previously found. "The Lake Belton discovery underscores how critical it is for boaters all across Texas to get informed and involved to help stop the spread of zebra mussels," said Brian Van Zee, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Inland Fisheries regional director.

From The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Starting in April 2014, the NOAA will no longer print lithographic nautical charts for use by boaters and anglers. While print-on-demand services will continue, this marks the end of federal government nautical chart printing since it started during the Civil War era.

From Fox News: Experts claim that rainbow trout in Yellowstone National Park are overtaking the cutthroat trout, a native fish seeing its numbers diminish. The park is requiring anglers to kill any other fish taken from the Lamar River and two of its tributaries. According to Fox News, 40,000 annual fishing visitors pump millions of dollars into the industries connected to Yellowstone.

From the Wyoming Tribune Eagle: An increase in Wyoming hunting and fishing fees has the support of state lawmakers, taking one step closer to reality as the Game and Fish Department struggles with underfunding. the cost hikes will reach about 10%, and will still need to pass through a two-thirds majority in the state House just to be introduced because next year is a budget session.

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The Week in Outdoor News