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Weatherby Award Goes to Renee Snider

For the first time, the Weatherby Award goes to a female.

Renee Snider is known for her humility and modest attitude to those who have met her.

Snider is a world-class big game hunter who grew up hunting with her father along the Continental Divide. Not only does she enjoy hunting in places such as Africa, but she also cares for the people of the land. Along with her rifle, she carries with her medical supplies in order to care for people she meets on the way.

For her, hunting is just as much about the people she encounters are the game she hunts. This is a reason why she was given the Weatherby Award this year.

The Weatherby Award is indeed a very difficult award to achieve. It is considered to be a very prestigious hunting award that takes into account one’s hunting accomplishments, conservation efforts and education, and character and sportsmanship. It is an all-encompassing award that looks beyond the quantity of hunts or size of kills.

This award is open to every ethical hunter in the world, not just those in the United States. It takes a long time to be considered worthy of this award, as many facets are involved in valuing an nominee’s character. The Selection Committee requires at least a year to get to know a candidate and follow his or her achievements.

Renee Snider wins the Weatherby Award (Photo via Lone Star Outdoor News)

In terms of hunting accomplishments, this is measured by actual collected trophies, variety of game, geographical distribution of that game, and the difficulty of those hunts.

For the conservation and education aspect, the nominee is judged based on the positive role hunting plays in his or her conservation ethics. Each nominee is expected to have contributed greatly internationally, and within a specific wildlife population or an individual project. This category also takes into account the level of effort the nominee has given to educating youth about conservation and hunting.

The character and sportsmanship category is the final facet of judging a nominee, but it very important. This category looks as records of compliance per nominee, national and international laws followed or not followed, and the hunter’s ethics. Additionally the Selection Committee looks at the nominee’s involvement in assistance with organizations globally to protect wildlife and conservation efforts.

It is not possible to win this award without a significant number of hunts such as sheep, goats, spiral horned antelope along with some others. Species that weigh heavily on judging are Polar Bear, Markhor, and Mountain Nyala to name a few.

A nominee wins based on a score given by the Selection Committee. It is a very exciting and in-depth award that people work incredibly hard to achieve through their lifestyles of conservation and hunting. Very few people earn this award, as it takes a lot of hard work and years of travel, physical efforts and passion to get there.


H/T Lone Star Outdoor News

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Weatherby Award Goes to Renee Snider