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Weather Messing With Alaskan Aerial Moose Count

Eric Hill/Alaska Dispatch News

Weather has prevented the Alaska Department of Fish and Game from making a survey of the moose population around Anchorage.

This is the second year in a row that weather conditions prevented the moose population survey in Alaska. Poor weather and a lack of snow were the culprits, according to Fish and Game.

Anchorage-based wildlife biologist Dave Battle says he has been waiting for good conditions since mid-November.

Conditions were good for both flying and spotting moose on Nov. 22, but another factor got in the way.

“It’s very frustrating,” Battle said last week. “We only had one day we might have been able to fly and it ended up the President was flying through our airspace, so we couldn’t. And then the snow started melting away. It’s very frustrating with these kinds of conditions.”

By Dec. 7, bull moose were starting to drop their racks, so officials were forced to give up on the aerial survey for the year.

The survey helps maintain a healthy moose population and allows for Fish and Game to decide the number of moose hunting permits to issue annually.

The Alaska Fish and Game Department still plans on doing a moose count but won’t be able to get specific data on bulls and cows. In addition, biologists can use harvest and road-kill numbers to produce a less-precise estimate.

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Weather Messing With Alaskan Aerial Moose Count