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How the Weather Forecast Can Drastically Affect Your Turkey Hunt

Rain, wind, or sun, it doesn’t matter. Weather is going to mess with your hunt.

Weather isn’t just a conversation starter for old guys, it’s a crucial element to any hunt, especially one for turkeys. Knowing what the conditions will be like while you’re searching for a gobbler to tag is always going to give you an advantage.

Here are a few scenarios you might encounter, and how to deal with each.

Steady rain

Since turkeys hunker down like most wildlife in these situations, they’ll want to make the few movements they do make nice and efficient. This means open fields instead of thick brush, and distinguished trails as opposed to off the beaten path.

Be cognizant of moisture on a gun, as the glint can become stronger on a wet firearm and be more noticeable to a gobbler.

Also, keep your box calls in watertight bags or containers, and try to keep them as dry as possible when using them.

Strong winds

You don’t have to worry as much about scent as you do with deer, but wind can still play a big factor in turkey hunting success or failure. Try to find low spots or valleys, in thick timber if possible, that double as potential strutting grounds.


The way wind affects sound is vital to pay attention to as well. Adding more volume to calls makes perfect sense, and high-pitched box or pot peg calls can work wonders.

Hot and sunny

Whether fall or spring, a warm and bright day typically means a chance to strut your stuff if your a tom. In the spring, a high-temp day and sunshine can take on a little more meaning, especially when they follow stretches of cold and precipitation.

There’s no doubt that clear spring days were made for gobblers, so make it a point to be in the field on such days, and use the tactics you’re strongest with.

On the other end, super hot temperatures can slow turkey movement. When you locate a gobbler on a hot day, even if he isn’t going nuts, stick with him. You may not get many more chances.



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How the Weather Forecast Can Drastically Affect Your Turkey Hunt