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The Wearable Taurus Curve .380 Hugs Your Hip


A new concept firearm, the Taurus Curve .380, is one that conforms to you.

In the world of concealable firearms, there is always a race among manufacturers to get the smallest, the most reliable, the most comfortable shooting firearms into the hands of shooters. Sometimes these firearms are a flop. Other times, a manufacturer hits one out of the park.

Trying to stay ahead of that curve (pun intended), Taurus has just released a new concept firearm that bends the ideas of how a firearm should look and be designed.

Fixing the problem

Most concealable pocket guns have one thing in common with their bigger brother full-size firearms: They have the same bulky type of firearm design.

Concealed carriers worry about firearms showing through clothing. Sure, slim line firearms (like the Springfield XD) make that profile smaller, but there is that worry that if a carrier moves the wrong way reaching for that bag of frozen peas in the back of the freezer, something may show the wrong way.

It's also uncomfortable for some people to carry inside the waistband, even with a compact or sub-compact pistol. That bulky design means the firearm can poke and prod in all the wrong places. Add a laser or a light, and it gets even worse.

Taurus has come up with its answer to these problems.


Breaking ground

Introducing the new Curve. Chambered in .380 Auto, this little firearm has all the features you need in a concealable firearm, plus the comfort to make it the firearm you wear all day.

The first thing you notice about the Curve is, well, that the frame curves. This is to allow the firearm to hug the wearer's side to make it more comfortable. Like the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard .380 and a few other smaller firearms, it has a laser built into the frame. But unlike other firearms, it also includes an integral flashlight above the laser.

One nice feature is the built-in belt clip, which is a lot like the Technaclip for the Ruger LCP that allows the user to carry the firearm inside the waistband without a holster. The long and heavy pull of the trigger and the included trigger cover holster allow for a more comfortable concealment. With a 6+1 round capacity and two magazines, this little firearm still packs a punch.

The barrel and slide are also designed differently than other firearms because of the curve of the frame. There are no sights on the slide, but a new design that allows you to bore index the firearm. There are lines painted on the back of the slide that cross where the center of the bore would be on your target. This allows the user to index the firearm on the target and shoot center mass quickly. With the built in laser, aiming is a little easier and more intuitive for most users, as most are already familiar with using a laser.

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A radical new concept of a firearm from Taurus, the Curve .380 could be the new design of concealable, wearable firearms for a long time to come.

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The Wearable Taurus Curve .380 Hugs Your Hip