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Weapons Help to Confirm Blackbeard's Ship off North Carolina Coast

Blackbeard's Ship
Image via National Geographic

Experts say that many of the weapons found on board the wreckage have helped to officially confirm Blackbeard's ship off the coast of North Carolina. 

He was perhaps the most famous pirate of all time but for many years Blackbeard's ship the Queen Anne's Revenge was lost and feared to never be found. The ship was grounded on a sandbar near Beaufort, North Carolina in 1718, and Blackbeard, along with all of his crew abandoned ship and survived the ordeal.

For the next 277 years the whereabouts of the once most feared vessel in the sea were either not missed or simply unknown. In 1995 a wreck was discovered in a spot very near to where the famous vessel went down that was "thought to be" Blackbeard's ship, but for over 15 years there was so much uncertainty that it couldn't be confirmed.

Finally, after much research, many discoveries, and countless hours of analysis, it has been confirmed that the wreck is in fact the Queen Anne's Revenge, Blackbeard's ship.

The two biggest reasons that the ship was able to be confirmed were the size of the wreck, which matched that of Blackbeard's ship, and more importantly the number of weapons that were found in the debris, as only a pirate ship would be carrying the large number of weapons that were found.

Claire Aubel, the public relations coordinator for the North Carolina Maritime Museums said, "There was not one aha moment, there was a collection of moments and a deduction based on the evidence."

As the ship continues to be explored, more pieces will be excavated and brought into museums and public eye so that we can get a better look at just what the Queen Anne's Revenge looked like when the pirate Blackbeard was at the helm.

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Weapons Help to Confirm Blackbeard's Ship off North Carolina Coast