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How to Weaponize Ping Pong Balls with Jörg Sprave [VIDEO]

Who else but slingshot master tinkerer Jörg Sprave could turn a harmless ping pong ball into a dangerous weapon?

A ping pong ball seems like one of the most harmless of objects. They weigh less than a feather. Even coming off a power swat from a world champion table tennis player they hardly seem capable of more destructive power than your average soap bubble.

But Jörg Sprave is the kind of man who loves to take the most unusual of objects and turn them into scary projectiles. Sprave is the guy with the big physique and even bigger smiling laugh known to his many YouTube fans as the "slingshot guy."

Sprave has become a YouTube celebrity for handcrafting custom slingshots to shoot all sorts of things from stink bombs, marshmallows and Oreo cookies to legitimately dangerous projectiles like circular saw blades, chainsaws and nail spikes.

Here he takes table tennis into the realm of the bizarre and injurious. The light plastic balls become even more dangerous when Sprave fills them with water, creating a heavier, more dense and powerful projectile.

While Sprave's high motion ping pong balls - even those filled with liquid - aren't likely to fend off any zombies, his creativity and handiwork sure is interesting and entertaining.

Sprave ends his weaponized table tennis ball experient by playing a quick and woefully bad game of ping pong with an opponent (usually his wife) using a dustpan and piece of scrap wood for paddles.

That's what The Slingshot Channel is really all about: having fun!

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How to Weaponize Ping Pong Balls with Jörg Sprave [VIDEO]